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We just received greenlight.

One of a kind

Supraball is an eSports title, that creates a new genre. It's a First Person Sports Game that feels pretty much like football without being football.
It's supposed to be played with WASD and Mouse.

The new Deathball

Supraball is the official successor of the infamous "Deathball", a Mod for Unreal Tournament 2003/4 that first came out in 2002 and won plenty of awards, but in most people's eyes it was always "just a mod". We fixed that problem now.

Financing concept

The majority of players want the game to be free2play and pay money for cosmetic stuff that doesn't influence the gameplay.
So that's how we're going to do it. You can see the results of a poll we did.

No Pay2Win!

The game is primarily not made to get into players pockets, but because we love to play it ourselves and we want to share the awesome experience.


Ranked matches Elo System

Climb the Player Ladder by playing mixed ranked matches. Teams are automatically put together and balanced based on each players rank.

Feel free to join these mixed ranked matches with a friend of yours on your team.


Climb the Team Ladder by doing ranked team matches with your own team. Each team has a rank that is independent from each member's individual rank.

Information about Elo Rating System

Supraball League

A future goal is to create an official league system.